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The Wilde Album
by Merlin Holland

Hardcover - 192 pages (April 1998)
Henry Holt & Company, Inc.

The Wilde Album by Merlin Holland (Wilde's grandson) is a fascinating and comprehensive examination of how Wilde the artist consciously conjured--through a complicated and savvy use of the media--Wilde the personality.

What makes The Wilde Album ultimately moving, and unique, is Holland's use of rare family photos and personal material. Juxtaposed with the vivaciousness of the public life, and in the context of the government's persecution of the artist, this more private material embodies and expresses the pain and needless tragedy of Wilde's life.

Collins Complete Works of Oscar Wilde : Centenary Edition by Oscar Wilde, Merlin Holland (Editor), Martin Holland (Editor)
Paperback Published by HARPER COLLINS

Complete Short Fiction (Penguin Classics Series) by Oscar Wilde , Ian Small (Editor)
Reprint Edition Paperback

The Complete Shorter Fiction (World's Classics) by Oscar Wilde , Isobel Murray

De Profundis and Other Writings by Oscar Wilde Reprint Edition Paperback Published by PENGUIN USA (PAPER)

The Portable Oscar Wilde by Oscar Wilde Revised Paperback Published by VIKING PRESS

Picture of Dorian Gray (Modern Library Series) by Oscar Wilde
Reprint Edition Hardcover Published by MODERN LIBRARY

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Penguin Classic) by Oscar Wilde
Reprint Edition Paperback Published by PENGUIN USA

The Picture of Dorian Gray Audio Cassette (Modern Library Audio Series)
by Oscar Wilde
Audio Cassette Edition Published by RANDOM HOUSE (AUDIO)

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde , Michael Page
Cassettes/unabridged Edition Audio Cassette Published by BRILLIANCE CORP

The Decay of Lying (Syrens Series)
by Oscar Wilde Paperback Published by PENGUIN USA

Son of Oscar Wilde
by Merlin Holland, Vyvyan B. Holland

The story of Oscar Wilde's glorious rise and tragic fall are well-known. But most readers are unfamiliar with the story of how Wilde's wife and two sons were affected by his fall from grace. "Son of Oscar Wilde" is a beautifully written and poignant account of how a young boy's life was afected by his father's notoriety.


With its thirty-three previously unpublished Oscar Wilde letters and its recollections of a man as spontaneous, humane, and sincere as he was prodigiously witty, Vyvyan Holland's memoir of his famous father has come to be regarded as a biographical classic in Wildean studies. Sharply observed, vivid, and dispassionate, it offers not only an unforgettable portrait of Wilde himself, his circle of friends, and his band of persecutors, but also a touching chronicle of Holland's own childhood, of the loneliness he experienced as the son of a remarkable, notorious father and of his emergence from the shadows of cruel injustice and dark scandal.

Oscar Wilde (Literary Lives)
by Vyvyan Beresford Holland

A legendary figure of his generation, Oscar Wilde rapidly became the most successful playwright and the most celebrated wit in the English-speaking world. However, his downfall from being the darling of the salons to an object of vicious calumny was not only a remarkable cause clbre but also a pitiful tragedy.


Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde
by Oscar Wilde, Vyvyan B. Holland, Merlin Holland (Editor), Rupert Hart-Davis (Editor)

Deliciously wicked, astoundingly clever, and often outright shocking, Oscar Wilde put his art into his work and his genius into his life. In this collection, replete with newly discovered letters, the full extent of that genius is unveiled.

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Charting his life from his Irish upbringing to fame in his fin de sicle London to infamy and exile in Paris, the letters-written between 1875 and 1900 to publishers and fans, friends and lovers, enemies and adversaries-resound with Wilde's wit, brilliance, and humanity. Wilde's grandson, Merlin Holland, and Rupert Hart-Davis have produced a provocative and revealing self-portrait.

Wilde's reputation as a serious thinker, humorous writer, and gay icon continues to flourish. The Complete Letters is an intimate exploration of his life and thoughts-Wilde in his own words.

Oscar Wilde: A Certain Genius
by Barbara Belford

In this elegant and affectionate biography of one of the most controversial personalities of the nineteenth century, Barbara Belford breaks new ground in the evocation of Oscar Wilde's personal life and in our understanding of the choices he made for his art. Published for the centenary of Wilde's death, here is a fresh, full-scale examination of the author of The Importance of Being Earnest and The Picture of Dorian Gray, a figure not only full of himself but enjoying life to the fullest.


Based on extensive study of original sources and animated throughout by historical detail, anecdote, and insight, the narrative traces Wilde's progression from his childhood in an intellectual Irish household to his maturity as a London author to the years of his European exile.

Oscar Wilde Stationery Set
by Right Note
cover   Includes 10 sheets of cream-colored paper and 10 envelopes Writing paper features a cameo detail from a portrait of Oscar Wilde, together with a quotation:
"I have nothing to declare except my genius." Supply is limited

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